Privacy system Prolam - sheet metal

Steel DX51 + Sendzimir Z-275 plastic-coated galva. Sheet metal panel looking like shutters and absolutly viewless (though spaces for the wind) to be built in the ground or on a bottom base. For professional, industrial or residential areas. Double gate on demand


  • Contemporary design
  • Easily fixed
  • Sustainability, wind strong resistant

  • Panel  

    • Panel profiled in slat sheet metal 1.5 mm thick
    • Height 1 m – 1.20 m – 1.50 m – 1.70 m – 2 m, other heights
      between 1 m and 2 m can be manufactured
    • Length 2.13 m between posts, inner reinforcement 30x10x1.5 mm,      horizontal bars 50x30x2 mm
    • Post
    • Drilled post tube 60x60x2 mm. First,center and angle post
    • To be built in the ground (440 mm) or on a bottom base (118x188x6 mm)
    • Fix tool – assembly
    • 4 metal fix tool with a hook / panel (2 on each side no matters the height of the fence)
    • Panels and posts will be built one after the other : fix the
      top of the panel to the post using downward turned tools
      and vice versa. If needed, use screw and bolt