Privacy system Lat'Clip - PVC

Complete kit for rigid panels L2.50 m* (see *Trick 2 m) mesh
200×55 mm. Double-walled slats

  • Opacity
  • Aestheticism and quality
  • Easily fixed


  • Kit “Lat’Clip” for rigid panels 2.50 m* mesh 200×55 mm : 45 slats + angles + upper finish
  • Insert the slats into fences already existing or to be built
  • Stability and waterproofing
  • Study the choosen field and fence height together with
    the wind speed before selecting the kind of posts for your
    fence : round, notches or aluminium posts
  • Heights 1.03 m and 1.23 m : at mid height you may have to cross once each slat above and under the horizontal wire for an even more stability
  • If your panels are 2 m long, cut the angles and upper finish 2 m long, use the 50 cm left together with the 9 remaining slats for the following panels
  • CAREFUL! Before using this privacy system with rigid panels you may have to reinforce the posts
    Please refer to French DTU P06-002 règles (rules) NV65 modificatif (modification) n°4 – carte zones de vents (winds area card) –
  • Using with fences on bottom base is not recommanded