Micmac cantilever double gate for all vehicules. To be fixed on a bottom base or in the ground


  • Easy to fix
  • Suitable for motorization / strike plate included
  • No need to prepare the ground for a modification
  • Saving money on civil engineering study
  • No need to stop the traffic during civil engineering study
  • Highly secured against damage (impossible to lift or derail)
  • Less maintenance (no lubrification, no rail to be changed)
  • Large width
  • Large range (height, width between posts)
  • Also comes in sliding, swing, sliding double gate, fence


  • Until 2 m high
  • Width between posts until 12 m
  • Powder coating
  • Round tubes juting out abobe / in the frame
  • 2 parts to put together in case of width 10 m and more
  • Manual ou motorized
  • 1 guiding post (beginning) + 1 receiving post (end)
  • Access hatch
  • Non bar reinforced end
  • Kit Rolling Center
  • Manufacturing process check, sustainability test
  • EN-13241-1 EEC standards
    Galvanized steel Z275 EN-1305 standards
  • Lock and strike plate Locinox
  • Post on the ground or bottom base 200x200x10 mm
  • Defense horizontal upper frame bar, angle heightener
  • Double guiding post and receiving post 120x120x3 mm
  • Preparation for motorization with fitted rack; motorization
  • Motorization
  • Other dimension on demand
  • Galvanization finish
  • Special lock (fireman standards, common key for several pieces)